1.) Settings (the gear icon): After clicking on this icon, you can search, format, enable, or disable different settings.

2.) Expand Chat area: Click on this icon to expand the Chat area to full screen size. Click “X” to return it to normal size.

3.) Search area: Use this field to search in the Chat.

4.) Mute mention sounds: Use this icon to mute any sound you might hear if someone mentions your name in the Chatroom. Click on it again to unmute mentioning sounds.

5.) “Always scroll to bottom”: Tick this option to always scroll to the bottom of the Chat. When unticked, Chat will remain at the place you had it opened to even if someone has typed a new comment.

6.) “Don’t Disturb”: Tick this option to prevent pop-ups and alert sounds from private messages and mentions.

7.) Column size: Choose this icon to adjust column sizes.

8.) Font size: Choose this icon to adjust the font size used in Chat.

9.) Filter Chat: Click on this icon if you want to only find messages mentioning yourself or messages containing questions.