The purpose of the BBT Chatroom is to provide a place for traders to share their trades and trading experiences, as well as discuss market news. No subject related to trading is off limits and it is definitely a fascinating spot to be each trading day. New members can learn from our Moderators and other experienced traders, ask them questions, and get help with virtually any trading-related issue they might have. Our seasoned traders will often enhance their own knowledge by talking through and sharing their ideas and experiences with others. Along with all of that, being in a Chatroom means that there are lots of eyes watching the markets. It is difficult to keep tabs on a large number of individual stocks, but being in a community with many members, you will usually be the first to know whenever there is some interesting price action developing on a particular stock. When all is said and done, being a full-time trader, trading alone from your home office, can be boring, exhausting, and stressful. And especially so when you find yourself in the midst of a losing streak. Being in a community provides you support and a place to talk to other traders who have faced the same challenges you are. A Chatroom can literally cut your learning curve in half, if not more. In any pursuit in life, including trading, it is always better and easier to work together with people who share your same passion.