We believe day trading is a very serious and challenging career path. It is not for everyone, and interested traders should practice trading in simulators for several months before beginning to trade with a live account. Unfortunately, trading has been advertised as an easy way to attain financial freedom and change one’s life. Although there is great potential for success in trading, achieving that success requires practice, determination and, most importantly, a level of resilience and persistence that the majority of people interested in trading may underestimate.

We focus on the community aspect of trading in order to allow traders to learn from each other. Although we teach some well-known strategies, we by no means advertise them as a PROVEN or EASY-TO-FOLLOW path to success. Our training program is meant to be the first step, and traders need to work hard to learn new strategies and then adapt them to ever-changing market conditions, as well as to learn and understand the concepts of risk management and sound psychology. The latter is why we have developed psychology training modules as part of our Education Center.

Our membership is not inexpensive, but we are priced at the low end of the trading education spectrum, although we know the value found in our membership is worth considerably more. A very expensive trading course will most likely not be useful if it stretches your budget in a way that leaves you unable to survive the inevitable losses that you as a new trader will undoubtedly suffer. If proper risk management strategies have been learned in advance, these early losses should be small, and they should be considered a component of the tuition that the market demands to be paid as part of a new trader’s learning curve.

We offer a “no questions asked” refund policy because we believe trading is not for everyone. You may reach the conclusion that trading is not suitable for you. We understand that does happen to people, and we show our appreciation for your time and effort by offering a full refund (other than the $300 fee for 3 months of access to the DAS Trader Pro simulator which we will have already paid upfront to DAS Trader, had you chosen that option at the time of purchasing your membership). To our surprise, no one has yet to abuse this policy, and we receive very few genuine refund requests.